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When Cesspool Service Long Island gets that 3AM Call

It’s a beautiful night in the neighborhood. You retire normally without a care in the world. But then suddenly, you get the 3AM call. Its not the 3AM call politicians talk about. They debate who would be the best one to take a call in the middle of the night about a threat or disaster involving our country. For you the call is more like a build up of compression in the waste disposal region of your body. In other words, you have to go. So, there you are, in the middle of the night, regretting whatever it was you ate that evening. Unfortunately, problem is a word we usually have to use in its plural form, and when you’re finished you casually flush and proceed to wash. But then you hear it. You’ve heard it before. You know what it is. You know what it means. That gurgling, bubbling sound. And there you have it, the last thing you needed now, a constipated, backed up, septic system in need of Cesspool Service Long Island

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