Tree Service Long Island Remedies for Disease

Do you own a dogwood? Maybe even a douglas fir? Perhaps you own a pear or plum tree? Red buds, a flowering cherry tree, or hemlock? These beautiful trees can generally be found in Suffolk County in Long Island New York and with doubt are easy to take a liking to. Although, with such a large variety of vegetation and greenery it is possible for you to walk out into your backyard or through your neighborhood and spot a diseased tree. However, though there may be many trees that sit around your area unwell, it can oftentimes be very difficult to spot a diseased tree. More often than not, most do not have the expertise like an arborist from a tree service Long Island to make the distinction between a viable and nonviable tree. If you are in this position and keep asking yourself, “Is my tree diseased?” -Then these simple but telltale signs of ailment might be the answer to your question.

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Signs of Disease On Your Tree

  • Fungi:Look for a presence of fungus or an increased amount of fungus on the outside of your tree if fungus was already present. Alone, fungi is a clear sign of infection.
  • Decomposed and hollowed out areas: Decay and hollowed areas on the tree typically occur from human damage.
  • Tree trunk and Sawdust: The collection of sawdust at the base of the tree near the roots is typically left behind by the tree infectious carpenter ants. What you might also find at the base of the tree is crack in the trunk which is a serious sign of tree breakdown.


Do This Sound Like Your Tree?:

If this seems to be the state your tree or trees are currently in, you are likely wondering, “Should I contact a professional?” The answer is yes,you should. Each of these signs on a tree is a reason to contact a tree service in long island. Before tree removal or any other method that can be used on diseased trees, it is always best to consult with an arborist especially if you are unsure if your tree is well or not and especially if you live in Suffolk County. With all of the growth there, a diseased tree can harm all the other trees around it so it is important to contact help as soon as possible. Though an arborist might take the tree removal route, they can also explain to you how to do so in a safe and efficient manner. Their expertise could be exactly what you need in order to exam, diagnose, and help your ill-looking tree.


You may have seen arborists around your area maintaining the health and look of trees, pruning shrubs and trees, or even making sure that plants stay out of unwanted areas such as roads and powerlines. In Suffolk County where the foliage is in abundance you will have no problem finding tree service in Long Island.


Overall, a diseased tree is a matter to take very seriously. Alongside the perceptible signs of malady on a tree, the expert tree service in Long Island will be the help you need in order to preserve your plant life. Not only this, plus professional and on time help will prevent the spread of disease from one tree to another. In any case if it becomes too late to rescue the plant from ailment, tree removal is always a smart and safe option to consider.