Get Custom Stair Builders on Long Island

Do you want a custom built staircase for your home or business. Our custom stair builders on Long Island have the skills and training, needed to do the job completely. They have trained builders, computer technology, installers, designers, insurance, and years of specialized work experience.

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What Type of Staircase Do You Need

A circular staircase is designed to make a statement in a large home or mansion. They have freestanding and under the wall construction. Before you start building circular staircase, let our custom stair builders on Long Island determine if it fits your home. A curved staircase needs proper planning and design. These stairs are often made from wood, metal, glass and other materials.

An elliptical shaped staircase goes well with homes located in the city. This is because city lots are long and narrow. These staircases often have to reach the second and third floors and are steep. This type of staircase uses a very specialized design. Our team designs traditional staircases with platform or circular design made from all wood too.

Our stairs are made from a variety of woods cherry, walnut, oak, mahogany, maple, teak and reclaimed materials. Our design team builds outdoor stairs made of aluminum, stone, concrete, and metal for entrances to building and homes. Whatever type of stairs you need, our custom stair builders Long Island will design what you need.


We Have Highly Specialized Skills

We have special tools to measure and build stairs, and we know the building codes in Long Island. Our team will visit your home or business and discuss the project and take measurements,to see what fits and what type of staircase you need. Our office has catalogs of stair designs that you can look through to get ideas of designs for your new staircase.

Our shop can manufacture the stairs and we know skilled craftsmen that make and design all types of stairs. We have an excellent production and installation team for stairs. We can provide installation, for all products made in our facility or sold through our custom stair builders on Long Island.

We make and sell all necessary stairway components that are used in building a staircase. We have banisters, handrails, posts, railings and threads. Our team can remodel staircases, and change the materials used or replace an old staircase with a new design. We can replace railings on staircases when requested.


Staircase Estimates and Experience

When we come to your home and business we will develop a detailed estimate based on drawings and measurements we make at that location. Our estimates are very accurate and we try to include all parts and labor. We have several years as custom stair builders Long Island installing different styles of staircases.

When you contact us we can find the best staircase for your style of home, business, condo, or apartment building. Choosing the right materials and design is important to a successful stairway design. There are many different styles and not all will work for you, so it pays to hire professionals in Long Island.